A franchise cooperation with Let Me Out:

For anyone out there , we are always on the look to cooperate with creative and enterprising people that are willing to open a Let Me Out branch abroad.

Why cooperate with Let Me Out?

+ Our concept is thoroughly tested and elaborated.
+ Let Me Out is a respected name that gives nowadays lots of fun and joy to hundreds of people.
+ Any franchisees that works with us has full access to our know–how (which is improved all the time).
+ We offer full marketing support.
+ We have the best riddles 🙂

What’s the profile of a Let Me Out franchisee?

+ experienced and in love with everything that’s entertainment,
+ has good people skills,
+ has a minimum of 3–years’ experience in running an own business,
+ is open for changes and eager to learn,
+ is focused on growth and development in his or her own business,
+ has high standards in terms of quality customer service and running the premises,
+ is willing to involve personally in running business.

What are the requirements for the premises and the location for a new Let Me Out branch?

+ your premises should be located in the city centre,
+ your city must at least have 200 000,
+ your city is at least 100 km away from other existing and planned LMO locals.

What is our game about?

You get locked up in one of our special rooms — full of riddles, codes, locks and hints. You have 45 minutes to solve them all and find the key hidden in the room. It sounds simple, but a clock counting- down time and emotions rising with every riddle solved can make the challenge difficult to accomplish!

Attention — this game is addictive!