A clock is slowly ticking away and you suddenly find yourself in a room with nowhere to go.
You’re surrounded by puzzles and riddles, but you only have one clue.
Your goal is obvious but not easy, find the key and get out…




Offer yourself a challenging experience and invite your friends for a very special game.
Take a journey to a place where you have never been before and discover one magical place in the heart of Brussels. Are you ready to be surprised?

€60 / group *

60 minutes of pure fun

* starting €15 / person

Accept the challenge,
try to get out!


1 Escape Room = 1 Group of 2 to 4 People


Looking for a special location to organize a party or event?
Get in touch with our team to plan everything out.
Our event managing team is there to customize every detail towards your needs.


You'd like to give your friend a surprising challenge?

You have no idea how to please your mother in law?

You want to show your teenager the world also exists in 3D?

Ready? Pick a room and book your escape game now!

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Espace Room 1
Difficulty Level: ts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-star-o

NASA lost control over Hermes – a spaceship that’s carrying a very important document which may not fall in wrong hands. As an experienced astronaut you’ve been chosen to get it back. Hermes is programmed against possible intruders, so once you’re inside it will destruct itself in exactly 60 minutes. This will be the time you have to get safely back on Earth.

Escape Game in Brussels: Alice In Wonderland

Espace Room 2
Difficulty Level: ts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-star-o

There is a door that allows you to go to wonderland, a magical place where everything seems to be possible. Meet a giant caterpillar, a cat who plays jazz, play cricket with the queen and do everything you want, but don’t forget one rule: Get back in 60 minutes or the door will disappear and you will stay in Wonderland forever.

Espace Room 3
Difficulty Level: ts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-starts-awesome-star-ots-awesome-star-o

One anonymous call and the word is out:
You’ve been framed for a crime that you didn’t commit.
You’re under arrest and the trial starts in 60 minutes.
The inevitable is coming, the clock is ticking….
Will you be able to change your destiny?