1. How can I book a "Let Me Out" game?

+ via our online booking system,
+ by telephone: +32 483 71 95 96

2. What is the maximum number of people per room?

Four. The size of the room and the game itself is designed for no more than 4 people.

3. We are 5 and only want to book one room, is that ok?

Unfortunately, no. See above.

4. How can we book and play several rooms at the same time, starting at the same time?

Yes. You can book and play all three of our escape rooms at the same time, starting at the same moment. Arrive with your group at the "earliest" start time, ie. if you book rooms at 18h00 and 18h15, please arrive at 18h00.

5. We booked our game, when should we arrive?

15 minutes before the start of your game. We need to share the rules with you!

6. I am not a local, can I play using my mother tongue?

Yes. Our games are designed on a logical base and there is at no point language involved. Our staff speaks English, French, Dutch, and Polish.

7. How much does a game cost?

It is €60/room. Each room has the same price and the price doesn't depend on the number of participants.

8. I got a voucher for your game — how can I use it?

Surt to our online booking system. While you're completing the reservation form, you will be able to select "VOUCHER" as a payment option. Confirm your booking via email and be sure to bring your voucher upon the day of your visit. Please make sure to use your voucher before its expiration date.